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Product Catalogue: FP: Tabletop Letter Folding Machines

Tabletop Letter Folding Machines

Imagine the opportunity cost of time lost from manually folding paper sheets for mailing jobs. It’s a tedious, time-consuming task, but there is an easy remedy: A folding machine from FP Mailing Solutions.

Features of All FP Folders:

  • Quiet
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Allow a variety of paper types
  • Handle stapled sets
  • Execute all popular fold types, including custom settings
DF-1200 (FP)
View Details Featuring proprietary suction feed technology, the DF-1200 was designed for the special needs.

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DF-755 (FP)
View Details For higher volume offices, the DF-755 has six popular fold presets, and can create an unlimited amount of custom folds, including cross-folding.

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DF-777 (FP)
View Details The DF-777 has all the features of the 755 (above), adding faster processing and electronic auto- setup of jobs.

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DF-915 (FP)
View Details The DF-915 Automatic Tabletop Folder can fold at a blazing 280 sheets/minute

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DF-970 (FP)
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  • Folding speed 242 sheets/minute
  • Up to ledger size paper
  • Feeder capacity 500 sheets
  • Six pre-programmed folds, 10 custom fold jobs
  • Heavy duty sound insulation for super-quiet operation

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DF-980 (FP)
View Details The DF-980 is one of the quietest tabletop folders available, with special technology.

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FP-1001 (FP)
View Details Simple, reliable and fast, the entry-level FP-1001.

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